Divi Theme Examples

DollyLovesDallas has been drawing, printing, cutting and pinning little paper dolls for quite some time, selling on other platforms successfully she has now decided to take the jump and launch her own website and shop .

All the dolls are inspired by the human fascination with nostalgia, cult hero’s, powerful female artists and pop culture. It began with making a Bowie doll for a friends birthday and over 146 different icons later it is now time to let their little paper legs run to as many places across the UK and beyond…Run free my little pretties!

Not only are these dolls made for mass consumption but to also be adored in the name of art. Recently exhibiting piece ‘Marlene’ was a huge automaton that housed 12 different gay icons where you could watch them and praise down to the shrine like build with a theatre backdrop and a dance floor made for these figures of grandeur to spin round to their hearts content.

Currently creating new collections that will soon be up and listed on here for all you other lovers of paper and ink.

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